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The Cozy Reader Club box was inspired from my love of reading and the struggle of trying to find a moment to myself. As a busy mom, I know the difficulty of of trying to steal a few minutes here and there to relax and recharge. I can barely find the time to take a break for a few minutes, let alone find the time to read reviews on the next great book. I also love to try out new coffees or teas and discover handmade goods in local shops. Don’t you wish you could wander around town and discover the best local coffee shop or a beautiful handmade scarf?! And so the Cozy Reader Club was born. Each monthly box provides you with everything you need to take a few precious moments for yourself while you relax with a mug of hot tea, the best new novel, some cozy socks and maybe even a chocolate treat!

The Cozy Reader Club box features unique, handcrafted, artisan goods. We cherish local artisans and appreciate the unique creations that each of them provide. Artisans carefully create one-of-a-kind items that enrich our lives with beauty and meaning. They infuse their passion into each coffee bean and each careful stitch. Supporting local small-batch and handmade creations is an essential part of who we are. We invite you to discover the unique creations each month while enjoying the meaningful break that you deserve.



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