Bacon Freak: Bacon of the Month Club (Wedding Edition)



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It’s been said that “A couple that eats bacon together, stays together.” The Bacon of the Month Club will bring a harmonious start to a couple’s new life. Give the gift of bacon to a newly-married couple and start their marriage off on the right hoof. And because all the youngsters are hip to the bacon trend, your gift is bound to be the one they love the most. It also includes 2 “His” and “Hers” t-shirts for the newlyweds who want to be all adorably matchy-matchy at a party or bacon festival.

This Bacon of the Month Club delivers two packs of different kinds of bacon to the lucky couple’s door once a month. Each piece of our bacon is rubbed by hand with a variety of flavors and spices such as: Cajun, Honey BBQ, Brown Sugar, Pepper, and good ol’ Hickory and Applewood Smoked. We use a time-honored, traditional curing process and never inject our bacon with water. When you cook a pound of Bacon Freak bacon, you get a pound of bacon!

The lucky couple will receive:
• Two different packages (14-16 oz. each) of our very own gourmet bacon delivered to their door each month for either 3, 6 or 12 months.
• Two “His” and “Hers” T-shirts. Just tell us what sizes to send at checkout.
• A Bacon Freak gift box.
• Wedded bliss.


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