A Kitchen Box: The Olive Box




Olives, the ancient fruit; we confess that we can make a meal of olives. We keep them on hand for all occasions. The complexity of their sweet, sour, salty, bitter and pungent flavors make them an essential tool for any home cook.

We’re thrilled to feature John Gorham’s Tapenade. Gorham has been at the heart of Portland’s thriving food scene for years and is the chef/owner of a handful of our favorite places to dine. We read the Toro Bravo book in one sitting. The Radicchio Salad is genius using manchego cheese, finely grated, to encourage the dressing to cling to the beautiful purple leaves. Tapenade topped crostini perfectly complements the Salad which is just how they do it at Toro Bravo. The tapenade calls for anchovy-stuffed Manzanilla olives (included for your convenience), but we love anchovy paste as a substitute when you only have plain olives on hand. Anchovy paste is a brilliant pantry item; use it to add body and depth to sauces and soups.

Another recipe for your arsenal is Warm Rosemary Olives with Chile Threads by blogger and caterer Sylvia Fountaine of Feasting at Home. Chile threads! Stunning and flavorful. This might be the favorite addition for our spice collection.

The Acacia Wood Bowl holds a handful of olives for snacking and is just the right size for a cheese platter. With so many olives to try, share your favorites with the AKB Community … #OliveLover #AKB



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