Bacon Freak: Bacon & Coffee of the Month Club



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Bacon Freak’s Bacon & Coffee of the Month Club features two options for the package, either a three month subscription at $195.95, or a six month subscription at $369.95. The pack includes two packages of coffee and bacon each month for however long you have subscribed for. You get two different flavors of coffee as well as two different flavors of bacon each month, also included is a “Bacon is Meat Candy” T-shirt which is free for any size. The amount of bacon in each package is between 14 and 16 ounces of handmade bacon which is made the old fashioned way. The bacon won’t shrivel up in the pan or get smaller. As it advertises “When you cook a pound of bacon, you get a pound of cooked bacon.” The even advertise that you can fry the bacon naked! The Bacon comes in a variety of flavors, including: Hickory, Cajun, Honey BBQ, Maple, Pepper and Garlic Herb. The coffee you receive will be whole bean and will come in two different types. The flavor types are not listed but each bean is high-quality as well as organic, and roasted to optimization to make your coffee taste the best that it possibly can. The shirt is a simple T-shirt with a black design. The Bacon Freak pig mascot is on the front and the text reads “BACON IS MEAT CANDY” above the pigs head. Below the pigs head you can see the website name “BACONFREAK.COM” The shirt comes in many various sizes which you pick out upon your subscription purchase. The subscription is readily available and usually ships the same business day that the order is received. Each subscription will have to be renewed one it runs out if you would like to continue to receive your coffee and bacon, there is no on-going option to continue the service until you cancel it. But the bacon and coffee will both be worth it as you will know that you already have your coffee and bacon waiting for you when you wake up.


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